A drive to Tremalzo Pass

November 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


An evening drive to the south side head of the  Tremalzo Pass in North Italy, Beyond this place you have to use an off-road capable vehicle. I suspect it is also closed off to traffic but is a popular track for mountain bikers. 

Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8920Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8920 Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8924Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8924 Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8925Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8925 Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8930Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8930 Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8936Tremalzo Pass - Italy- DSCF8936


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