Frozen Markermeer

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A selection if images from Markermeer last winter. The whole of the 'meer' (or lake) was frozen including the area around the famous ligth house in Marken known as 'Paard van Marken' or ' Horse of Marken'.



Frozen MarkermeerMarken- Netherlands - _MFA2098_DxO-LR

Paard van Marken



Frozen MarkermeerMarkermeer - Netherlands - _MFA2029_DxO-LR

Frozen reed beds (the tide freezing on the stalks)



Frozen MarkermeerMarkermeer - Netherlands - _MFA2044_DxO-LR

A frozen lake, the shore on the other side is about 8 kilometres away.



Frozen MarkermeerMarken- Netherlands - _MFA2131_DxO-LR

View of the light house from Marken dyke



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